What Does Total Contingency Planning Mean?

TCP is an acronym for Total Contingency Planning.  Most everyone thinks that buying and selling real estate is a one-dimensional exercise or transaction.  They would be wrong and here is why.

Here is a short list of the underlying sub issues that are inherent in all real estate transactions:

*Property Taxes & Capital Gains taxes:  How to understand them as to this transaction and what your options are.  This is a Tax related analysis

*If you have a Living Trust then how does the sale or purchase of this property affect your estate plan?  This involves a legal estate planning analysis.

*Should you even purchase the property?  Does it make financial sense?  This is an investment analysis on what is the most productive use of money going to down payments, interest, and property taxes?  Money that is now gone and cannot be invested elsewhere.

There are always multiple disciplines involved with any Real Estate Transaction.  Therefore, "Total Contingency Planning" is a form of holistic analysis with a qualified person licensed in all the disciplines.

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